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Peter writes:

I remember as a child from the very earliest times watching Survival programmes from Anglia TV. I watched any animal shows and loved Animal Magic but had a particular fascination with Reptiles and Amphibians. I even won a book on Australia after submitting a pencil drawing (I still have) of a Komodo Dragon to Animal Magic. I still remember the disappointment that Johnny Morris hadn’t signed it! My school holidays were taken up either in Wales with my grandparents peering in rockpools on the coast looking for blennies and any crustacians or over Hounslow Heath looking for newts, frogs and lizards.

One of my earliest species  kept were  smooth newts, common frogs and toads and some Viviperous lizards that I kept and gave birth to several jet black babies. This was in late 60’s and very early 70’s. Someone gave me a Spanish terrapin in the late 60’s. He was named Charlie and lived in the front room under the setee with a tray of water. He went out in the Summer and whilst said conditions were far from ideal we kept him for more than 20 Years!
I joined the XYZ club at London Zoo and would frequently be seen watching the feeding in the reptile house on school holiday Fridays as it use to be. I would get on the bus from Twickenham and spend all day there taking pictures, much to my Mothers concerns.
I still have letters from ZSL replying to by childhood requests for a job and some questions on Iguana keeping. I remember that the £12 per week would have been less than getting into Central London every day.

At school I looked after all the pets in the Biology department and at the same time developed a passion for photography that I still have today. Most  of the photographs on any HabiStat packaging today are my work.
A local pet store called Hounslow Pets in Whitton Road, use to have reptiles displayed and at the age of 12  I  secured a Saturday job there  looking after the aquatics and the few reptiles they had. 
Books on reptiles were largely non existant and I use to frequent the reference library in Twickenham and read over and over again the few titles they had there. 
These days were pre Cites and there were no regulations on imports and at the local Wholesaler many species were seen on our frequent visits that would never be seen today.
A cage made from the kitchen larder and set up with a dimmer switch and light bulbs for heat housed many different animals including lacerta Viridis, Lacerta murata. Calotes versicolor, calotes mystaceous, Plica plica, 
I purchased a very poorly iguana for £4 and nursed him back to health and kept him for many years.
Later years saw Uromastyx and several monitors and numerous snakes.

I loved working in Hounslow pets so much I finished senior school and even whilst at College would help Mack out on Saturdays. I kept in touch with him until his untimely demise a number of years ago. Hounslow Pets closed but not before we started Euro Rep! 
 Pursuing a career in wildlife photography didn’t come to much and I ended up in a commercial photographic career working in the main for a company called Bell and Howell.
A big gap in reptile keeping ensued whilst I raced motorcycles and chased girls and worked on my career.
I continued to love wildlife and watch wildlife shows at every opportunity but only kept dogs and a Blue and Gold Macaw that I was presented with when he destroyed the counter in Hounslow pets in 1972. I still have him living in and destroying my home to this day!
I still hankered for a career doing what I was passionate about and met Stuart Worth.
We decided to join together and build a company pertaining to reptile keeping.
I don’t think either of us were too sure what direction to take but we concentrated on breeding livefood and set about looking at what products were needed to keep reptiles properly in captivity. 

At this time there were very few products available and many young keepers nowerdays would not believe it could have been so difficult
I still remember the problems in the Winter of keeping reptiles when no food could be commercially purchased. How things have changed for the better!
Euro Rep and HabiStat continue to this day designing new and innovative products for reptile keepers to use.
We are still a Company who haven’t moved  very far away from our roots. We still watch every wildlife show on TV and breed many thousands of reptiles every year.
Our products are sold all over the World.

We use our products on all our animals and continue to evolve new ideas.
Many of our staff have been with us many years and many are passionate about their reptiles. Without their hard work and commitment we would not be the Company we are today.
Poignantly, we now find ourselves  working with many of the Zoos that we love  and we know and are friends with the very people who produced and still produce the TV shows we still watch in wonder..

Thanks you for taking time to read our ramblings!  

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