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Euro Rep Ltd started as and has always been a trade and wholesale supplier and we have supplied the trade for over 25 Years.

  • We produce most all of our Livefoods from 2 facilities close to Heathrow Airport ensuring utmost freshness with Livefoods being packed the same day as despatch.
  • We are a licensed frozen food approved seller and have regular inspections from AHVLA.
  • We are the manufacturers of all the HabiStat products with our market leading  heat mats being manufactured at our Scottish Factory.
  • We are distributors for most all of the other brands of reptile products.
  • We are one of the largest captive breeders of reptiles and amphibians in the UK. Our weekly livestock list is not available to the public but once a trade account and your holding of a Pet Shop Licence is approved you will receive our up to date list every Friday.
  • We have our own AHVLA Type 2 Authorised vehicles deliver over a wide part of the UK. For more outlying regions we also use suitable couriers.

If you would like to apply for a trade account with us please fill in the attached form and return to us. One of our representatives will call you back to discuss how we can help you.

To qualify for a trade account at Euro Rep you must be one of the following, Retail shop, Wholesaler, Zoo / Safari park, Veterinary surgery, Garden centre.

We do not supply to anyone who is trading from non commercial premisesIf you fall into one of the above categories then please feel free to apply for  a trade account with us. We are required to verify your trade details before an account is setup and a copy of your pet shop license must be received should you require livestock from us.


* Full Name:

* Business Name:

Trading Name

* Telephone:

Web Site:

* Pet Shop License:

* Company Address (Must be commercial premises):


* E-mail Address:

* E-mail Confirm:

Thank You for Applying for a Trade Account - we will contact you shortly.

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